How Long Is Your Show?

The show usually ranges from 40-45 minutes.  However, I can make it shorter to suit your needs.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book You?

This is a full-time profession for me.  Sometimes I’ve been called by both performers who are sick and need me to fill in for them, or clients facing last minute changes and then deciding they need entertainment.  I’ve literally gotten calls where I’ve hung up the phone and left to do their show.  (One time I literally got off the phone, got in my truck which is always packed, and drove to Seattle, WA.  The most extreme urgency was finishing up the call and needing to arrange an electronic visa, then that same night I got on a plane for Sydney, Australia!).  However, you might call for a specific day next year and find that I’m already booked.  No pressure, but for this reason, the sooner you can confirm the better.

Do You Have Any Restrictions About The Ceiling Height, Space, Or Audience Size?

No ceiling height or space is too small.  I’m 5ft. 10in. and have worked with things over my head ranging from curtains, to hanging microphones or stage lights, to decorations or party streamers that were hanging down and touching the top of my head the whole time.  Even though it’s juggling, I don’t need that much height… I can perform the entire show while kneeling down on one knee and staying in place if necessary — it’s easy!  I juggle inside private homes all the time, and still remember one place having a grand piano on one side, a china cabinet on the other, and a picture window behind me all with about 4 ft. by 4 ft. of space.  So again, no ceiling height or space is too small, and any audience size works fine; it’s just dependent upon how many will fit into your space.  I’ve done private parties for a handful of people, and also concert shows ranging from 2,500 up to more than 17,000 (yes, over seventeen thousand).

What Ages Or Grade Levels Can You Work With?

Any!  I can adapt my show and personalize it to the group; whether it’s all adults at a corporate event, or a day care center of 3 yr. to 5 yr. olds, or events with both children and adults, elementary school through college age students, or senior citizens.  I started performing as a kid, so I have experience to make sure the show is always fun, yet tasteful and appropriate.

How Far Do You Travel?

Anywhere! Being based in a suburb outside of Los Angeles, I usually have a driving radius of about 3 hours.  However, I am willing to go further if needed.  Many times now, I’ve performed nationally as well as internationally — the farthest probably being Tanzania’s island Zanzibar, just off the east coast of Africa.

Do You Offer Choices Or Incorporate Themes Into Your Shows?

Yes.  I personalize my show to the age, group size, and event.  If requested, I can wear different costumes according to the theme, talk about a product or service, or juggle different props.  (Nothing is too outrageous — once for a corporate event I juggled a telephone, calendar, and computer keyboard together).  For school assemblies, I am often chosen as the “reward” or “just for fun” program; but can also offer my educational science show as well.

Do You Need A Stage?

Stages are nice, but not necessary.  Sometimes it’s better without a stage because it enables the audience to be closer.